"Vince was an overall amazing professor. He did all he could to make sure, at the end of the semester, we all learned how to become better actors. He was one of my favorite professors while at WVU! It was a really fun class! I feel like I learned a lot about how to act and that I gained a lot of confidence performing in front of people."


"Vince is really friendly and very enthusiastic! You can tell he loves acting and is genuinely interested in seeing others grow in this area."


"Always available and prepared for class. Kept things very interesting and enjoyable. Really cared for students."


"He is very passionate about what he is teaching and made it fun to learn. Just an excellent teacher. Never wanted to go to a class so much in my life."

[Quotes from student surveys at West Virginia University 2012-2015]

 What students say about Mr. Vince:   

Teaching Philosophy

Majoring in Theatre is unlike any other major on campus, because theatre majors are special. Theatre teaches a skillset that is beneficial to any workplace – commitment, time management, communication, empathy and responsibility are just a few of the qualities that theatre majors posses.


As an educator, I am not only educating students in the history, pedagogy and future of my field, but in how to become dependable personnel in the professional theatre community and beyond. I have a responsibility to instill a love for theatre arts in my students, but must inform them of the business side of theatre – which will be learned from my personal experiences and ongoing perseverance as a theatre practitioner.


In the classroom we will study methods and history lessons, but on the stage we will learn the real lessons. We will work for our standing ovations together; as a team, to create theatre that Peter Brook calls rough and immediate – ready for action and interpretation. On a college campus the theatre is a place for discovery, conversation and revolution. I believe that all students can benefit from a standing ovation



Body of Work

Ciao Bambino is an original Italian-American musical written by Elizabeth Turner and Andreas Haberlin; book by Vincent Pelligrino and Elizabeth Turner. 
It has been presented in New York City twice, and remains a passion project of mine. 
To learn more visit: www.ciaobambinomusical.com
Silly students at the Academy at Midtown Arts Center
Students in New York City, workshopping with Lori Hammel, co-author of 'Minding The Edge: Strategies for a Fulfilling, Successful Career as an Actor"
Broadway Camp students at The Marquis Theatre in Northville, MI.