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“We are debris arrangers. Equipped with what we have inherited, we try to make a life, make a living and make art. We are assemblers. We forge received parts into meaningful compositions. This state of affairs is our plight and our destiny, but it also offers the opportunity to find meaning as well as to find communion with others.”
― Anne Bogart


Directing Resume

As a director I am able to wear many different hats - often I find myself working across departments in music direction, choreography, stage combat, and movement. My goal is always to create the most professional product possible; to keep audiences drawn into the world of the story and the characters and leave having experienced something that touches their mind and heart. Being an actor myself, I love working with actors and solving problems that may arise from their perspective. I believe that actors  need the freedom to make choices, and I serve as the eyes and ears of the audience every time I watch a rehearsal so that I can provide the feedback necessary to shape their performance.  

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